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The number of organ transplantations is increasing every year.

In 2011, more than 30,000 transplants took place in the European Union (EU) alone.1

Astellas is a global leader in transplantation, providing immunosuppressant treatments for solid organ transplants such as kidney, liver and heart. Astellas will continue playing a key role in the care of transplant patients. In future, we intend to expand our portfolio beyond immunosuppressant treatments and are currently investigating therapies for prevention of cytomegalovirus infections in transplant patients.

Astellas is proud to contribute to the transplant community, supporting patient organisations and sponsoring the biennial World Transplant Games. Astellas is also a proud supporter of TACKERS (Transplant Adventure Camp for Kids). Since 2002, when it was founded, support and funding from Astellas has helped TACKERS bring together hundreds of children who have had transplants from around the world, to participate in camps where they have the opportunity to meet peers who have shared the same experience.

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1. European Commission. Organ donation and transplantation. Facts and figures. Available at Last accessed 12 February 2013.

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